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Insurance Claim Consultation

Avalon Construction provides comprehensive insurance claim assistance, ensuring a seamless experience. Our experts assess damage, work directly with your insurer, and ensure clear communication with your adjustor, saving you time and preventing misunderstandings.

With expertise in various claims (hail, fire, flood, wind), we stay updated on industry standards for high-quality, safe restoration. Trust Avalon Construction to secure a fair settlement and restore your peace of mind throughout the process.

Avalon Construction Claim Process 

Preliminary Assessment: 

1. Initial Contact: The process begins when the homeowner contacts Avalon Construction to report an insurance claim. Our first step is to gather essential information, including the homeowner's contact details, policy information, and a brief description of the damage.

2. Understanding the Situation: We prioritize active listening, ensuring that we understand the homeowner's concerns, the nature of the damage, and any immediate safety issues.

3. Policy Review: Our team reviews the homeowner's insurance policy to understand the scope of coverage, deductibles, and any specific requirements set by the insurer.


1. On-Site Visit: Once the preliminary assessment is complete, we schedule an on-site inspection. Our experienced professionals visit the property to assess the extent of damage comprehensively.

2.Detailed Documentation: During the inspection, we meticulously document all visible damage, take photographs, and record relevant details. This documentation is crucial for the claim process.

3. Safety Assessment: Ensuring the safety of the property and its occupants is a priority. We identify any immediate safety hazards and take necessary precautions.

Full Assessment:

1. Analysis and Estimation: After the inspection, our team performs a detailed analysis of the damage, considering both visible and potential hidden issues. We create a comprehensive damage assessment report.

2. Scope of Work: Based on the assessment, we determine the scope of restoration work required. This includes specifying materials, labor, and any specialized services.

3. Cost Estimation: We provide a detailed cost estimate for the restoration work, aligning it with industry standards and the homeowner's insurance coverage.


1. Insurance Claim Submission: With the homeowner's approval, we assist in submitting the insurance claim, including all necessary documentation, assessments, and estimates.

2. Approval and Scheduling: Once the insurance company approves the claim, we work with the homeowner to schedule the restoration work at a convenient time.

3. Restoration Process: Our skilled professionals carry out the restoration work with meticulous attention to detail. This includes repairs, replacements, and quality control checks.

4. Final Inspection: After completing the restoration work, we conduct a final inspection to ensure that all work has been done to the highest standards and meets the homeowner's satisfaction.

5. Documentation and Reporting: We provide the homeowner with a comprehensive report detailing the restoration work performed, including warranties, guarantees, and any additional recommendations.

By following this structured process of preliminary assessment, inspection, full assessment, and restoration, Avalon Construction ensures that homeowners receive a seamless and thorough evaluation of their insurance claim and expertly executed restoration services.

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